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Mount Everest

Return to Everest IMAX® 3D

Coming 2009 Michael returns to Everest to Co-Direct a MacGillivray Freeman IMAX® Film in 3D.


Six kids from the Braille Without Borders School for the blind in Lhasa, Tibet climb to 21,500-ft Official selection; Toronto, London; AFI
3 Peaks 3 Weeks

3 Peaks 3 Weeks
Rush HD

Ten women climb Africa's most spectacular peaks while raising money for peak issues: Education, Environment and HIV/AIDS.
Farther Than The Eye Can See

Farther Than the Eye Can See

Blind climber Erik Weihenmayer's Historic ascent of Mount Everest. Eighteen film festival awards
Available on DVD!
See it on HULU!
Storm Chasers

Storm Chasers
Discovery Channel

A group of scientists, filmmakers, and adventurers hunt down tornadoes to gain invaluable scientific data, which is used to better predict storms and ultimately save lives.
Deadliest Catch

Deadliest Catch
Discovery Channel

Real-life adventure on the high seas fishing for Alaskan king crabs.
The Endless Knot

The Endless Knot
Rush HD

Tragedy in the mountains leads to a school that saves lives.
Available on DVD!
The Alps

Alps IMAX®

Spectacular and moving
A MacGillivray Freeman Film
In theaters now.
World's Toughest Fixes

World's Toughest Fixes
National Geographic

When big industry breaks down, the results can be costly and the fixes dangerous. World's Toughest Fixes takes you inside some of the most daunting repair jobs imaginable.
Light of the HImilaya

Light of the Himalaya
Rush HD

Eye doctors restore eyesight to many before climbing a Himalayan peak. Nine film festival awards.
Available on DVD!
Expedition Health

Denver Museum of Nature and Science Expedition Health

The exhibit will examine the physiological changes that take place on a trek up Mt. Evan- a Colorado 14er!
Extreme Ice

The Extreme Ice Survey

The Extreme Ice Survey collects visual evidence of retreating glaciers across the planet.

2008 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race

The Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race covering the entire 1049 miles by snow machine.
Global Warming

Climate Chaos and Global Warming: What you need to know with Tom Brokaw

BBC and The Discovery Channel
Half Dome

Half Dome: Exercise Your Heart. Share The Beat.

World renowned heart transplant recipient and mountaineer Kelly Perkins ascending the shear rock face of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park, California.
Leadville Trail 100

The Film: Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race

The true story, the essence of the Leadville 100, is not just about Lance Armstrong and Dave Wiens, it's about every single racer who has chosen to take part with them in this epic race.
Blind Skier's Edge

Blind Skier's Edge

An innovative skiing technique for the blind pioneered by Erik Weihenmayer and Jeff Ulrich, his guide.
Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

Chad Jukes, who lost a leg to a bomb in Iraq, and Erik Weihenmayer, blind since age 13, climb the jagged blue ice Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride, Colorado.


Erik Weihenmayer, a blind athlete, uses a new technology to perceive the shape and spatial orientation of objects through a changing matrix placed on the tongue.
Adventure Film School

Adventure Film School

Join us on an expedition!
The 2008 Machu Picchu Film School was a big success and new film schools are coming in 2009. Limited space available.
Disabled Athletes

Mountains Without Barriers

Disabled athletes working together with companies that create assistive technologies for adventure.

Across the Atlas: Morocco

10 Days, 3 Adventures, 1,900 Miles An expedition to explore Morocco and ski it's highest peak and two other adventures. Benefit for the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh Foundation.
Chile National Park

In the Shadow of the Condor

This award winning film was an instrumental tool in the efforts of Chileans to set aside a large section of pristine wilderness in southern Chile as a national park.
Expedition Alaska

Expedition Alaska

Indus Films
Discovery Channel
Alaska Week in February
Climate Change in the Arctic

Fighting Malaria

The growing malaria crisis and the renewed hope provided by the recent developments in anti-malarial medication.
Gary Swain

Gary Swain

Gary Swain is on the waiting list for a heart transplant.
Gary decided to challenge himself to raise awareness about organ donation by attempting the ascent of Grays Peak (14,278 feet); which would be like climbing Mount Everest for any of us...
Film Shoot Out

The Shoot Out: Boulder

A 24 hour filmmaking festival with Elias Bachmann, Sally Berg, Timmy O'Neill, Morning Glory Farr, Ryan Ross, David D'Angelo and Michael Brown.
Cajon de Arenales, Argentina

Cajon de Arenales, Argentina

Craig and Kelly Perkins explored, identified and made a first ascent on a new route and peak that had never been climbed. Their new route has officially been dubbed Montaña de la Reflexión (Reflection Mountain), and their new route is now called Corazón Encantado,'Charmed Heart'.
Iceland Caving

What Lies Below: Caving in Iceland

Discovery Channel

Gordon Brown and David D'Angelo Photo by Katrina Richter
El Capitan

Straight Through the Heart

A climb of Yosemite's 3000-ft El Capitan in Yosemite with Michael Brown, Kevin Thaw, Craig and Kelly Perkins. Live dispatches from the climb.
Marblehead to Halifax Sailing

Marblehead to Halifax

Ocean Sailing Race aboard the beautiful 1936 L. Francis Herreshoff designed Ticonderoga.
Newport to Bermuda Sailing

Newport to Bermuda Race

Sailing the beautiful classic yacht Ticoneroga from Newport Rhode Island out to Bermuda.
Mount Aspiring

Mount Aspiring: New Zealand

With Craig and Kelly Perkins. This trip's goal is to raise awareness of organ donation.

ESPN and ABC Sports X-Games

Michael Brown as a specialty cameraman for the surfing event in Huntington Beach, part of the ReidVision team.
Adventure Race

Divide and Conquer:
Adventure Race

Michael Brown and David D'Angelo in Silverton as cameramen for Octagon Television. The course includes running, paragliding, Kayaking and Mountain Biking.
Mountain Biking

Boulder Cycling

Cycling has been a passion for us at Serac Adventure Films and now we have an opportunity to have some fun with new rides.
Mount Everest

Braving Antarctica

National Geographic Television
A special about the new South Pole Station. This awesome new building and science support infrastructure will be the basis of great science at the pole for many years to come.
Adventure Race

Balance Bar 24 Hour Adventure Race

Octagon Television
Michael Brown running, rappelling, jumaring, navigating, chasing and shooting in New York City.

Matterhorn Climb

Climbing with heart transplant recipient Kelly Perkins.
Mount Everest

Everest 2004

Diovan, A video and still shoot of Ryan Bendixen for Novartis Pharmaceuticals. Dave D'Angelo also made his first ascent of Mount Everest.
Marblehead to Halifax

Marblehead to Halifax

Ocean Sailing Race.
Mount Kosciuszko

Mount Kosciuszko: Australia

Highest point on the continent. Blind climber Erik Weihenmayer's seventh summit.
Mount Elbrus

Mount Elbrus: Russia

Highest point in Europe with blind climber Erik Weihenmayer.
Sailboat Race

Newport to Bermuda Sailboat Race

Aboard Nirvana and using Contact 3.0 GEO for Live Dispatches Race started June 18th and took us 86 hours to travel the 635 nautical miles southeast from Ft Adams, Rhode Island to Bermuda.
Mount Everest

Everest Dreams

2000 Ascent of Mount Everest, NBC Sports.
Mount Everest

Global Extremes: Mt Everest

Mount Everest OLN and ABC. A climb via the Northeast Ridge.
Greenland Ice Caves

Journey into Amazing Caves

IMAX® in Greenland with MacGillivray Freeman Films

Mount Kilimanjaro: Tanzania

Highest point in Africa; with heart transplant recipient Kelly Perkins.

The North Face Expeditions: Shishapangma a Celebration of Life

NBC with American Adventure Productions.
Radar Communications

Radar Communications: China

Radar helps companies understand the World from their customer's point of view - For us it is video taping their focus groups and market strategy meetings.
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