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roles in the production of these films.
Farther Than The Eye Can See Farther Than the Eye
Can See

Outside Magazine and
Serac Adventure Films

Blind climber Erik Weihenmayer's Historic ascent of Mount Everest.

(Eighteen Film Festival Awards)
Available on DVD!
See it on HULU!

Deadliest Catch Deadliest Catch
Discovery Channel
Original Productions

Dave D'Angelo a cameraman on the 'Northwestern'. Real-life adventure on the high seas fishing for Alaskan king crabs.
The Alps The Alps IMAX®
MacGillivray Freeman Films

Michael Brown: Director of Mountain Photography.
(Winner "Best Cinematography" GSCA)

Available on DVD!

3 Peaks 3 Weeks 3 Peaks 3 Weeks
Rush HD

Ten women climb Africa's most spectacular peaks while raising money for peak issues: Education, Environment and HIV/AIDS.

Available on DVD!
Extreme Ice Extreme Ice
Far West Films

Michael Brown Director of Photography. A scientific understanding of glaciers throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

See it online now!
Robson Productions

Michael Brown cinematographer and guide to Gyenshen 'Victory'.

Six kids from the Braille Without Borders School for the blind in Lhasa, Tibet climb to 21,500-ft.

(Short Listed for 2007 Academy Award, Four Film Festival Awards)

Light of the Himalaya Light of the Himalaya
The North Face and Rush HD

Eye doctors restore eyesight to many before climbing a Himalayan peak.

(Eleven Film Festival Awards)

Available on DVD!
Storm Chasers Storm Chasers
Discovery Channel
Original Media

A new season begins soon.

Serac Adventure Films chasing the chasers for shots of tornado intercepts.
Return to Everest Return to Everest IMAX® 3D
MacGillivray Freeman Films

Michael Brown Co-Directing (with Greg MacGillivray) and Director of Photography in the sequel to the specatularly successful Everest IMAX®.
The Endless Knot The Endless Knot
Rush HD

Tragedy in the mountains leads to a school that saves lives.

(Five Film Festival Awards)

Available on DVD!
Light of the Himalaya World's Toughest Fixes
National Geographic

Airing June 4 at 9PM/EST.

Serac Adventure Films on call for the most dangerous vertical assignments.
Leadville Trail 100 The Film: Leadville Trail 100 Mountain Bike Race
Citizen Pictures

The true story, the essence of the Leadville 100, is not just about Lance Armstrong and Dave Wiens, it's about every single racer who has chosen to take part in this epic race.
Mountains Without Barriers Mountains Without Barriers

Two blind men and a man with no legs climb a difficult eight pitch rock climb during the No Barriers festival in Cortina, Italy.

Available on DVD!
Human Planet It’s a Small Small World…

The latest technology and the world's finest, most innovative factual filmmakers combine to capture the full richness and diversity of nature.

Blind Skier's Edge Blind Skier's Edge

A documentary about an innovative skiing technique for the blind pioneered by Erik Weihenmayer and Jeff Ulrich, his guide. In this method, the guide models round carving turns by skiing in front and calling three-part commands.

Iditarod Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race
Discovery Channel, Versus, Iditarod Insider
Iditarod Trail Committee

Dave D'Angelo returns for a second year as cameraman tp get up close and personal with the mushers and their dog teams during the ultimate test of endurance.
Bridal Veil Falls Bridal Veil Falls

In an ascent captured by Serac Adventure Films, Chad Jukes, who lost a leg to a bomb in Iraq, and Erik Weihenmayer, blind since age 13, climb the jagged blue ice Bridal Veil Falls.

BrainPort BrainPort

Erik Weihenmayer, a blind athlete, uses a new technology to perceive the shape and spatial orientation of objects through a changing matrix placed on the tongue.

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