Adventure Filmmaking Tips & Tricks
Michael Brown and Serac Adventure Films share their latest in Adventure Filmmaking!

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Backpacker Adventure Film 101: Planning Your Story
Emmy-Award-winning filmmaker Michael Brown dishes on how to plan your documentary film, step by step.
Backpacker Adventure Film 101: The Value of Filmmaking Mistakes
Michael Brown reports from Rwanda where he's documenting the efforts of eye surgeon Geoff Tabin.
Backpacker Adventure Film 101: Risk, Tragedy, and Filmmaking
Michael Brown weighs the risks, rewards, and lessons he's learned shooting, literally, on the edge.
Challenge Based Learning Day 1: Homestake Creek
Day 2: Prelims
Day 3: Bigger Crowds
Day 4: Final Celebration
The Serac Adventure Film School is in Vail, Colorado for the 2009 Teva Mountain Games! Check daily dispatches to follow all the students as they learn to make an adventure film.
Challenge Based Learning Challenge Based Learning
Michael Brown offers discussion on Challenge Based Learning, an engaging multidisciplinary approach to teaching and learning that encourages students to leverage the technology they use in their daily lives to solve real-world problems.
Outside Magazine Interviewing 101
Michael Brown offers step-by-step instructions on how to film the perfect interview.
Backpacker Adventure Film 101- Visualization and Chaos: Planning Your Film and Capturing the Moment
In documentary filmmaking, you need a plan, but you also need to observe your subjects and make good, on-the-fly decisions.
Backpacker Adventure Film 101: Adventure Sports for Film People?
As a filmmaker, the best rock climbers, kayakers, mountaineers and cavers can be your mentors. Pay attention. You'll make better movies.
Outside Magazine Shooting the Summit
Award-winning director Michael Brown teaches you how to get the ultimate summit shots.
Backpacker Adventure Film 101: Getting Started and Paying Dues
Adventure filmmaker Michael Brown drops us a line from Iceland to talk avalanches, glaciers, and paying dues in the film business (which share quite a few similarities).
Outside Magazine Ski Filming Tips
Award-winning director Michael Brown takes time out from the Serac Adventure Film School in the Colorado Rocky Mountains to give tips on backcountry ski filmmaking on Outside Online.
Backpacker Adventure Film 101: Ep. 1: The First, Best, and Most Lasting Thrill in Filmmaking
In his first blog for, Emmy-Award winning director Michael Brown drops in from Switzerland to talk about how he got his start in the film industry, and where it's taken him most recently, jumping a helicopter to film dynamite-triggered avalanches...
Hypothermia Staying Warm to Shoot When it is Really Cold
There are two kinds of cold I think about when heading out—”hypothermia” cold and “frost-bite” cold. Each has its own set of preventative equipment and techniques. Hypothermia is the one that can kill you faster, so I’ll talk about that first. The key to avoiding hypothermia is to keep your core comfortably warm...
Adventure Sports Adventure Sports
Adventure Sports: How good do you have to be at adventure sports to be effective as a cinematographer or filmmaker? One does not have to be world class at adventure sports to make films about them, just competent and safe. I would describe myself as mediocre at several sports...
Core Strength Core Strength
How does one pick up an 85 lb IMAX camera and set it on a tripod four feet off the ground? Or do the same while wearing crampons on 60 degree ice on the North Face of the Eiger? You don’t have to be built like a linebacker, but you do need to be strong...
Super Inca Trail Fitness and Skills
Lucky for me, part of my job description is being fit. October’s blog is about aerobic fitness which is ironic because, although I head to Peru tomorrow to hike the ‘Super Inca Trail’, I have not walked significantly for months. I’ll be sore. It’s not that my fitness level is low but it comes from riding my bike. But I’m not too concerned—walking is “like riding a bike” (maybe not literally) but by Day 3 my body will recall its many years of walking, and I’ll feel fine...
Outside Online Michael’s Tips on Outside Online.
September’s tip is an Outside Online Video Clip of director Michael Brown sharing advice on varying your camera shots and pans to get the best Adventure Film possible!
Michael Brown Use your lens! A Variety of Shots Adds Value to your Film.
Use your lens: It is important to use as much of your lens as you can in any scene. Get a really wide shot to establish the place and then get close and and zoom in to capture important details. This will make the edit that much easier and add value to your film...
Kilimanjaro Adventure Film School Video Link for Behind the Scenes at Serac Adventure Film School on Kilimanjaro.
“Award winning director Michael Brown, of Serac Adventure Film School, gives advice on maintaining motivation at high altitude and getting the shots needed for a great adventure film.” See the Behind the Scenes Video.
Teva Mountain Games Serac Adventure Film School Post Production at The Teva Games
This week we are in the editing phase of our adventure film school at the Teva Mountain Games in Vail. In general our nine students have tended to shoot too much. It is an easy thing to do in this event, the world’s top athletes in the sports of Kayaking, Bouldering, and Mountain Biking...
Storm Chasers Staying Ahead
Time, there is never enough. The most extreme example would be near the summit of Mount Everest. It would not be reasonable to ask climbers to slow down or stop while we set up our cameras. It is up to us to get to the right position ahead of the climbers. You can do this once and then you have to find a way to get ahead again...
Intellectual Property Making Deals at MIPTV - What Goes on in Cannes, France Does Not Stay There.
We usually think of our business as making films and going on expeditions. This is about intellectual property, ratings, advertising and even more stuff that I donít get. How does this become a filmmaking tip? Iím not sure but Iíll talk about what I learned....
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