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Since 1964, Roger Brown and Barry Corbet have dazzled audiences with their unique films. Their innovative camera and editing techniques brought a new excitement to the adventure film industry.

Serac Adventure Films has re-mastered 5 of their classic ski films from the 1960’s and 70’s.

The DVD includes: Ski the Outer Limits, The Incredible Skis, The Moebius Flip, The Great Ski Chase, and a special bonus feature, Yoo Hoo I’m a Bird.

(Additional Copies for $14.95)

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Summit Films Awards:

Ski the Outer Limits 1969

  • "Gold Camera" - US Industrial Film Festival
  • "Golden Eagle" - CINE
  • "Blue Ribbon- First" - American Film Festival
  • "Emily Award- Grand Prize" - American Film Festival
  • "First Place" - Trento Film Festival
  • "Bronze Medal" - Atlanta International Film Festival
  • "Bronze Medal" - International Film & TV Festival of New York
  • "Cup of Commission" - Cortina Sports Film Fesitval
  • "Certificate of Participation" - San Fransisco International Film Festival
Ski the Outer Limits 1970
  • "Honorable Mention" - Chicago International Film Festival
  • "Award of Merit" - Landers Film Review
  • "Diploma of Participation" - Budapest Sports Film Festival
  • "Certificate of Honor" - Rockville Film Festival
Moebius Flip 1970

  • "Gold Camera" - US Industrial Film Festival
  • "Golden Eagle" - CINE
  • "Golden Mercury- First Place" - Venice Film Festival
  • "Jury Special Mention" - Libson Film Festival
  • "Certificate of Honor" - Rockville Film Festival
  • "Diploma of Participation" - Kranz Film Festival
  • "Certificate of Participation" - San Francisco International Film Festival

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