Braving Antarctica: National Geographic Television.

Expedition hosted by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the United States Antarctic Program (Raytheon Polar Services).

A National Geographic Television Special at McMurdo and South Pole Station.

Antarctica Map

Asia Map courtesy

Highest Point Vinson Massif 4900 m (16,077-ft) Our favorite web site related to Antarctica is Big Dead Place. An inside perspective on life in Antarctica.
South Pole Station McMurdo

South Pole Airstrip
A 'fuelie' Patty Douglass at the South Pole Airstrip

South Pole Station
The new South Pole Station,
the subject of the documentary

South Pole Dome
The old Dome will be missed

South Pole Dome
Inside the Dome

South Pole
The ceremonial South Pole

Michael Brown
Michael Brown at the South Pole
photo by Andrea Dixon

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