Cycling (both) has been a passion for us at Serac Adventure Films and now we have an opportunity to have some fun with new rides.
Photo Web Gallery
Thanks to Taro Smith of Boulder Cycle Sport "The Best New Bike Shop in America" we are now riding on great Scott bicycles. Shawn Heinrichs at Walker Ranch Whitney Richards
 at Walker Ranch on a Scott Ransom 20
Elias Bachmann at Hall Ranch Taro Smith at Walker Ranch Dave D'Angelo at Hall Ranch Elias Bachmann
One of our favorite activities are the summer Short Track Races The August 2nd race started with a brief reinstorm. Cynthia Ferrier makes the best of it. Sasha Millhouse all wet
Sasha's tire, the track is very sticky after a rain. derailleur Costume: this was the last race of the season Tom Bradford and Ryan Ross fending off the rain
Tom Bradford Ryan Ross as the sun comes out and brings a rainbow and a smile. Ryan Ross Spectators Molly and Vinny
Michael Brown on a Scott Scale - wait why isn't he shooting? Elias Bachmann on a Scott Scale 30 Elias Bachmann Michael Brown on a curve, also a Scott Scale 30
Michael Brown finishing - I guess it is more fun to ride than shoot. Elias Bachmann Whitney Richards Scott Ransom 20
Whitney Richards Taro, Whitney and Sean Shawn Heinrichs Sean Heinrichs on a Scott Ransom 20