Climate Chaos (BBC) and Global Warming: What You Need to Know with Tom Brokaw (Discovery)

Director: Nicolas Brown

Producer: Jeremy Bristow

Cinematographer and Health and Safety (Glacier Segment, Chile): Michael Brown

With help from: Serac Adventure Films

See the official websites:
"Climate Chaos"
"Global Warming: What You Need To Know"

Awards: "The leading scientists working on the front lines of climate change take viewers around the world to the heart of the latest research, revealing the realities of global warming and the future of the planet. New state of the art computer models paint the picture of a globally warmed world, and viewers learn if previous information has been wrong; what is fact and what is fiction; and if global warming is really happening."
---Excerpt from

The project culminated in the Dicovery Channel two-hour special "Global Warming: What You Need To Know with Tom Brokaw", which premiered on July 16, 2006, and the BBC special "Climate Chaos," a two-part series including, "Are We Changing Planet Earth?" and "Can We Save Planet Earth?"

Serac Adventure Films collaborated on Climate Chaos with:

Michael Brown in a crevasse as appearing in Time Magazine, the New Yorker and others. Photo by Nicolas Brown.

Michael Brown in a spoof of Chris O'Donnell in Vertical Limit.

Film crew shooting Michael Brown as he rappells into a moulin.

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