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In the Shadow of the Condor

In the Shadow of the Condor The entire area featured in Shadow of the Condor is being set aside as a National Park. Congratulations to Pablo Sandor and the Ayacara Foundation!

In the Shadow of the Condor documents an expedition in January of 2002 into the spectacular pristine Corcovado wilderness in Southern Chile. The expedition traveled up a "heart of darkness" river, bushwhacked through a vertical jungle, and then emerged out into a magnificent landscape of glaciated granite walls. Filmmaker Michael Brown and Chilean conservationist Pablo Sandor climbed upward to find a jewel of a lake tucked between the highest peaks.

Sandor and his Ayacara Foundation are working to protect the Corcovado region from development and the United Nations has just selected Ayacara to receive a prestigious conservation award. Ayacara leaders give important credit for the award to Brown's film, which dramatized for U.N. and the Chilean Government’s decision makers first-hand why the region should be included in a national park. "In the Shadow of the Condor" was produced by Outside Television, in association with Outdoor Life Network.

Serac Adventure Films will contribute 60% of the price of each DVD sold to the Ayacara Foundation:

Ayacara Foundation

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"Well guys, you are about to enter what Pablo Neruda called "the vertical world" and as Gabriela Mistral the other Nobel laureate poet of Chile called the Cold Jungle and it really is a cold vertical jungle in every sense... and I envy you."
-Rick Lein, mentor to the team

Ice pinnacles
Three Mount Everest summitters in Chile:
Michael Brown, Chris Morris, and Luis Benitez.
Photo by Pablo Sandor

In the Shadow of the Condor

The Expedition Team:

Joined for the sea kayaking
portion by:

  • Rick Klein
  • Michael Powers
  • Pamela Gajardo
  • Kim Morris

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CAST Pablo Sandor, Rick Klein, Doug Tompkins,
Chris Morris, Michael Powers, Luis Benitez & Michael Brown

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