Easter Island: Forbidden Surf
November 1993: ESPN Expedition Earth/American Adventure Productions

Easter IslandSurfing and Kayaking on Easter Island with Gordon Brown, Michael Brown, Michael Graber, Art Brewer, Laird Hamilton, Brock Little, Melissa McManus
and Maria Hamilton. Video Information

<Gordon's Arri 2C gathering a time lapse at sunset
Photo by Michael Brown

Laird Hamilton

Easter Island
After nearly three weeks of rain and flat seas a sudden change occurred. Huge waves arrived, all the way to the horizon we could see 'corduroy' as monsters arrived from an Antarctic storm.

Gordon Brown
Gordon decided to try these waves in his river kayak. He got some good rides before being caught off guard by a monster.

Michael Brown
Melissa McManus, Michael Brown, Michael Powers, Gordon Brown.
Photo by Art Brewer

Michael Brown
Gordon Brown in Kayak, Art Brewer, Michael Brown and Michael Graber adjusting a POV Camera.
Photo by Melissa McManus

Michael Brown
Gordon, Michael and Kehei our host.

Michael Brown
No, there is really not much rock climbing here, perhaps some bouldering on the Moais.
Photo by Gordon Brown

Michael Brown
Michael spear fishing, he never caught anything but Michele did. Enough for a big fish dinner. Michael was better at watching out for sharks. They are attracted by the blood and may try to take your fish.
Photo by Michele

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