Ryan Ross and Michael Brown with Pumori in the Background

"Up We Go!"

It has been great to get comments on the blogs. Thank you Gary, Doerte, Heather, Chloe, Jason, Kelsey, Lori and a bunch of other friends and family. Kay keeps a thick book full of blog comments and they have been a big morale boost to the team. I have been so busy with the filming that I didn't get to see the book till recently. I am very happy to see friends leaving notes. I'll take a more careful look through the book when I get down.

I am off at 4:00 am and I hope Ryan's alarm works and he wakes us up. If he has the alarm, I can get a good night's sleep without waking up every ten minutes to check the time. His tent is shouting distance or a stone's throw from mine. This will be our first summit attempt. There was a lot of celebration in Base Camp today as other teams reached the top successfully. It gave us inspiration to get going. There was also somber news as reports of some loss as well. All part of being here.

On each of my previous trips to Everest the first attempt has always been thwarted. Twice by weather and once by having to assist another team that was in trouble. In all cases we managed to regroup and make it to the top a few days later. This time we have time for another attempt at the end of May but I sure hope we get it this time. I am really ready to go home.

We will be in Camp II 21,000- ft (6,400 m) tomorrow night, Camp III 23,000-ft (7,000m) on the 19th, Camp IV 26,000-ft (8,000m) on the 20th and 21st and going for the summit on the 22nd. Early morning (USA time) on 22nd will be a great time to check in for updates. They will be short and simple - just letting friends and family know as people make it safely back to Camp IV. It will take us two more days till the 24th to descend the 8,500 -ft (2,700m) to Base Camp - the real place and time for celebration. After that, Ryan and I will do a day or two of interviews, pack our bags and head down to see something green. Cheers, Michael