MacGillivray Freeman's
Return to Everest

Coming to IMAX® Theatres and other
giant screen cinemas in 2012.

Read about the trip at the
Expedition Dispatch Website

Footage from Return to Everest shot
by Michael Brown used in BBC Horizon
Documentary Doctors in the Death Zone

Michael Brown crossing a ladder with Mark II IMAX camera
Photo by Dave Rasmussen

Michael Brown summited Mount Everest for his fourth time in May of 2007. A great team of Sherpas once again carried a High-Definition camera all the way to the top.

Featuring: Araceli Segarra, Jamling Norgay and the Extreme Everest Team

On March 24, 2007, an international team of doctors, scientists and filmmakers embarked on a three-month mission to conduct a series of medical experiments on the world’s tallest mountain and to document the expedition for a new IMAX® Theatre film. MacGillivray Freeman Films will document the expedition for its new film Return to Everest, a follow-up to the smash hit film Everest, the highest grossing IMAX Theatre film of all time. Return to Everest will reunite two of the original stars of Everest, Jamling Norgay and Araceli Segarra, as they travel to Everest to help the Nepalese Sherpa people and conduct research on what has changed in the eleven years since their successful 1996 climb.

Serac Adventure Film's very own Michael Brown also returned to Mount Everest. This time Michael Co-Directed and Directed Mountain Photography for MacGillivray Freeman's, "Return to Everest IMAX 3D". Ryan Ross was also along as an Assistant Cameraman and Base Camp Production Manager. Michael has been to the summit of Mount Everest with cameras on three previous occasions. In 2001 he captured the first High Definition images from the summit while filming blind climber Erik Weihenmaywer's historic ascent to create the award-winning feature documentary, Farther Than the Eye Can See

Sundeep Dhillon, Michael Brown, Greg
MacGillivray and Brad Ohlund on location in
Everest Base Camp.

Our Base Camp media tent including Ryan
Ross, Michael Brown, Shaun MacGillivray, and
Greg MacGillivray reviewing footage
from the Ice Fall.

Araceli Segarra in the ice fall.

Press: Michael Brown's Blog from
Mt. Everest:
Serac Adventure Films worked on Return to Everest with:

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