Expedition Alaska

Series Producer: James Smith

Executive Producer: Steve Robinson

Producer Directors: Nicolas Brown, Michael Brown, Gemma Atwal

Affiliated Companies: Indus Films

The show premieres at 9 p.m. Sunday, April 20, on the Discovery Channel.

Featuring: Roman Dial and Gordon Buchanan

Expedition Alaska is a two hour Discovery Channel program that explores the effect of a changing climate in Alaska, filmed with an emphasis on adventure and drama. Brothers Nicolas and Michael Brown are segment directors and producers on the program. Michael's parts of the expedition included microlight flying over the Kenai, sea kayaking the Kenai Fjords, repeat photography of shrinking glaciers and finally a kayak descent of the Farragut River.

Serac Adventure Films collaborated on Expedition Alaska with:

Our crew for sea kayaking; Gordon Buchanan, Gwen Llwyd, Wendy and Dave Dougherty, Araceli Segarra, Michael Brown, Jon Andrews,
and Roman Dial.

Director/Cinematographer Michael Brown and Soundman Jon Andrews in front of the Aialik Glacier.

Araceli pulling a Pelican case in a Pack Raft. The Pelican Case (waterproof) would have been fine floating alone, but the raft was a little faster to tow.

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