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The Extreme Ice Survey

NOVA: Extreme Ice

Michael Brown is the Director of Photography on
Extreme Ice for NOVA and can now be seen online. With stunning cinematography of glaciers around the world, this one-hour NOVA documentary, produced by National Geographic, offers a scientific understanding of glaciers throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

Michael traveled with acclaimed photographer James Balog and his
Extreme Ice Survey
team of Jeff Orlowski, Adam LeWinter, Svavar Jónatansson and Dave Ruddick to Greenland, Iceland and Alaska collecting breathtaking images to offer a look at melting glaciers and climate. The show is produced and directed by Noel Dockstader.

Michael describes, "It was a privilege to work with James Balog, Jeff Orlowski and Adam Le Winter and see James' approach to photographing icebergs. There is also a sublime quality to the blue ice at 35 below. Unlike summer, when there is a thin sheen of liquid melt water, the ice is frozen and it takes on a pearl like luster. Skiing out in the now snow covered fjords and being able to reach out and touch, even climb, the bergs was like being on another planet."

Sunset over the Ilulissat Fjord.

Serac Adventure Films worked on the Extreme Ice Survey with:

James and Adam setting up a shot far out among the ice bergs of the fjord.

The Ilulissat Harbor in Winter.

Dog sled team on the fjord.

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