HDTV on Mount Everest: Farther Than the Eye Can See

NFB/Allegra Mount Everest Expedition 2003

Production Photographs

Serac Adventure Films president Michael Brown was the Director and climbing cameraman and was supported by veteran mountaineer Charley Mace and producer Kim Johnson Morris in Base Camp. 


Live updates from summit day May 25, 2001


Interesting statistics on AdventureWeather.com including wind profiles during our climbing season.


Film Crew: Kim Johnson, Charley Mace and Michael Brown. Michael Brown hanging in a crevasse to get a shot of ladder crossing. Photo by Didrik Johnck.
Michael Brown shooting a ladder crossing in the Khumbu Ice Fall. Photo by Didrik Johnck. Still photographer Didrik Johnck shooting in Ice Fall. Photo by Brad Bull.
On Mountain film crew for Vision of Everest: Assistant Charley Mace and Director/Cinematographer Michael Brown.    

Team Photos

NFB 2001 Everest Team Moonrise from behind Mount Everest by Charley Mace. We also shot a stunning time lapse of this in HD. The moon rises from inside the plume in this shot.
Sherm Bull descending through the Ice Fall one last time, his 40 something'th trip through. This after becoming the oldest ever Everest climber at 64 years. Photo by Charley Mace
Eric Alexander in Khumbu Ice Fall Sherman and Brad Bull on the summit becoming the first American father and son to do so together.

Photo courtesy Chris Morris


HDTV Production on Mount Everest


Success on the Summit! 

25 may 2001: We reached the summit with the High Definition Digital Camera and captured stunning images from the top of the world.

Press Release 


Original Production