The Serac Adventure Film School
2007 Mount Kilimanjaro

Instructor: Michael Brown
Assistant: Ryan Ross

Students: Josh Levine, Emeka Ngwube, Thayer Walker

Special Thanks: Mountain Vision

Read Mountain Vision's dispatches from the expedition.

Serac Adventure Film School summited Kilimanjaro on September 19, 2007!

All three of our filmmakers reached the summit with cameras in hand. Michael Brown called in from the summit to inform of the success. [LISTEN HERE]

Film editing and post production took place on October 4-8, 2007 in Boulder, Colorado. A special film festival was held thereafter.

Future film expeditions to follow from: The Serac Adventure Film School

Student Testimonials:

"As a journalist I am increasingly being asked to produce video componenets to the stories I write. Serac Adventure Film School has given me an excellent film making foundation. I now feel confident in my ability to produce video at a professional level." --- Thayer Walker, Freelance Writer

"Michael Brown and his team at Serac were spot-on with the intensive editing training that took place during Adventure Film School. It was like getting a full course of film editing in one weekend—with an award-winning filmmaker looking over your shoulder. The principles of story, practical editing knowledge, and tricks of the trade were imparted quickly, concisely, and with expert knowledge. I’d jump on any filmmaking expedition with these guys in a heartbeat and I’ll use these skills every day both in work and play." --- Anthony Cerretani, Editor,

"This unique program combines hands on experience, 'classroom' curriculum and outdoor adventure. The balance was perfect and allowed me to explore all the aspects of film making, from developing a compelling story, to filming in harsh conditions with HD equipment and editing the documentary in Final Cut Pro. The learning curve was as steep as our climb up the mountain and equally rewarding. Michael Brown and his team have shot films at the top of Everest and collected prestigious industry awards. Getting access to the depth of experience of the Serac Adventure Film professionals was amazing and invaluable." --- Emeka Ngwube

"Serac Adventure Film school was an experience of a lifetime. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro was unforgettable, but making a film at the same time was what i'll always remember. Michael Brown and Ryan Ross really put you in the best position to tell the story you want, helping you to deal with whatever challenges come up along the way. It wasn't easy, but that's what made it so rewarding. After returning from Africa we did a weekend of editing and Serac's team helped me navigate that process as well. In the end I am proud of the film I made and the adventure that inspired it." --- Josh Levine

Serac Adventure Films collaborated on the Adventure Film School with:

Thayer Walker near summit with camera in hand.

Emeka Ngwube dialing in on his camera with Michael Brown.

The filmmakers capturing footage.

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