Base Camp and Higher Camps

Everest 2003

  1. The wrong side of Mount Everest

  2. The Drive to Tibet

  3. Base Camp and Higher Camps

  4. The Ugly Side of Everest

  5. The Climb

  6. Expedition Site on Yahoo Sports

Mount Everest Base Camp, Interim Camp, Advanced Base Camp and Camp I

Yep, still under construction.

Mount Everest from the North Side Base Camp Global Extremes Base Camp
Mount Everest Base Camp: North Side View from my tent, Korean Base Camp and Everest
Expedition leader Russell Brice preparing the TV studio for the OLN team. No job is below the expedition leader! Climbing Team standing row: Tsiring (Tibetan Sherpa), Lapsong (Cirdar), Tashi Tamong, Chris Werner (western guide), La Chuu (BC Cirdar and Chef), Norbu (Tibetan), Phurba (our camp II cook in 2000 now a climbing sherpa), Michael Brown (Director of Photography), Zangbu (Tibetan)

Sitting row: Phurba , Karsung, Lakpa Sherpa

Interim Camp 19,000-ft Tibetan Porters, Zangbu, Tsiring and Norbu
Advanced Base Camp 21,000-ft North Col 23,000-ft and Camp II
View out over the Central Ronbuk, Pumori and Peaks to the west. Everest at Sunset from Camp II


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