The Ugly Side of Everest


Everest 2003

  1. The wrong side of Mount Everest

  2. The Drive to Tibet

  3. Base Camp and Higher Camps

  4. The Ugly Side of Everest

  5. The Climb

  6. Expedition Site on Yahoo Sports

Sorry, still writing this story. It is about a bad situation made worse by human nature and overstuffed egos.

  Jake's sun glasses frosty after a night hung in the tent.    
  772 Our boots in the vestibule. Wind blown snow finds it's way into everything. Looks like a day of cold feet.    
  780   The bright spot in it all. A big smile from Tryntje Young after summiting in good style. Way to go Tryntje!
  Tryntje and Dorje Sherpa, very hapily on the way down from the summit.   Rescue, not all of the climbers who summited this daydid it in as good a style as Tryntje. Here a snowblind climber is assisted by Sherpas
  After a very long day of helping the snow blind climber down we approach Camp II. Story coming soon.   A climber with frost bitten hands and feet rides a yak back to Base Camp.
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