The Drive to Tibet

Everest 2003

  1. The wrong side of Mount Everest

  2. The Drive to Tibet

  3. Base Camp and Higher Camps

  4. The Ugly Side of Everest

  5. The Climb

  6. Expedition Site on Yahoo Sports

 The rest of the team took a commercial flight to Lhasa but the six 'Camera Crew' got to drive overland on the "Friendship Highway".

These are places that are seldom seen in books and potos from Everest. Not as beautiful or as ugly as other areas in this part of the world it is still nice to get a perspective, especially if you are headed to the north side of the Himalayas.

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Busses that belch fumes from poorly tuned engines and low quality gas are the main form of transport.


Ours was a little nicer on the inside but produced fumes just as fast. Ours was also less efficient because there were only six of us on board. Public busses a packed. Here Jake is chillin and watching for our next close call.

No the picture is not backward. A former British holding, in Nepal they drive on the left side of the road. A good thing too as the religion requires passing sacred objects on the left. One of the few positive legacies of colonialism.

Still, walking is the cheapest way to get anywhere, though probably not safe.



Terraced Hillsides in the dry season.


Maoist symbol along the highway. When I was here in 99 they stopped us and we gave them a few rupees and we were on our way.



693 Avalanches across the road

River bridged by an avalanche, must have been frozen at the time with the water flowing beneath the ice, otherwise the avalanche would have dammed the river.

Now it is starting to feel like Tibet, the road climbs out of the gorge and huge mountains appear in the distance. 697

Nylam 12,000-ft


The farther we drive into Tibet to more bleak it becomes. Sorry to use that word but it is a really empty place. The rock and the sky are beautiful. Someday I'll have to walk across the whole thing and learn to appreciate it.



First view of Everest

Tingri: sorry, this is not a nice place

Ronbuk Monestary