Marblehead to Halifax Sailboat Race

Story (still being written) by Michael Brown.

Gary SwainMy cousin Gary Swain is unstoppable. He has been telling me about this sailboat race from Marblehead, Massachusetts to Halifax, Nova Scotia for years. He even went as far as to say that he thought he could get an invitation for me to sail in the race. I made the mistake of not believing him.

The next day invitations started pouring in. Evidently he sent an email to all of the registered boats in the race. In his email he said, 'Here is a guy who has never sailed but who has climbed Mount Everest and wants to go along to photograph and film the race.' Way to go Gary! This was to turn out to be one of the most fantastic adventures in which I have ever participated.

The invitation I accepted came from the Ticonderoga, the most beautiful sailboat I have ever seen. We received several invitations from some beautiful boats. With such success we decided that Gordon should come out too, after all he has his own sailboat in Marina Del Rey and could use the experience. Gordon sailed the race
aboard the Nirvana.

Marblehead to Halifax Sailboat Race Website
Marblehead Reporter


Michael Brown

Gordon Brown, Michael Brown, Gary Swain and
Tom Reardon aboard Ticonderoga.

Michael Brown

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