Mt. Cook: Summit of Extremes

December 1991: ESPN Expedition Earth

Summit Films/ American Adventure Productions
Hang Gliding, Snowboarding and Skiing in New Zealand with the Browns (Roger, Gordon, Michael and Nicholas), Bruce Grant, Jim Zellers, John Heiney and Judy Leden.

Mount Cook
Gordon Brown with Arri HSR 16 mm Camera on Mount Cook. Mount Tasman in the background.
Photo by Michael Brown

Mount Cook
Pilatus Porter airplane at the Plateau Hut, the pre-landslide Mount Cook in the background. I was proud to have barfed in that plane. I was doing sound from behind the back-most seat. I could not look out as we dove and circled to get a look at the summit. It can be really alarming to see
how fast a barf bag fills up.

Mount Tasman
Seracs on Mount Tasman from the Plateau Glacier. It was not long after this trip that we decided to call our company Serac Adventure Films. If we only knew how many we would get to know and hate...

Michael Brown
John Heiney, Melissa McManus and Michael Brow
jumping above the Tasman Valley.

Michael Brown
Michael Brown bungee jumping from Skippers Bridge

Michael Brown

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