Nirvana across the Gulf Stream
Newport to Bermuda Sailboat Race

A journey in the open ocean with Gary Swain and the crew of Nirvana. In need of a heart transplant Gary is living life to its fullest by doing what he can, a major open ocean race in this case. If he is able to get a new heart and make a recovery we plan to climb some of the world's biggest peaks in the coming years.

The Map Below shows Nirvana's course in the 2004 Newport to Bermuda Race.

Click on the dots or headlines to go to live dispatches from the race.

NOAA Map of Sea Surface Temperature (Go to Original Map)

Bermuda Race
The rail of Nirvana cutting through waves on June 20th
Photo by Michael Brown

Kickoff article on

Aboard the course record holder from 1982 to 1996, Nirvana.

This year is follow up to last year's Marblehead to Halifax race aboard Ticonderoga

This time we are making a film of Gary Swain's remarkable story.

Bermuda Sailing
Lauren Campbell gets hoisted up Nirvana's mast for a spectacular and thrilling view.
Photo by Jo Jo Campbell

Bermuda Sailing
James Richardson, the First Mate of Nirvana.
Photo by Gary Swain

Bermuda Sailing

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